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loomin exams
Saturday, May 6, 2006
just got up n i m too lazy to do my work. hopefully i'll finish my literature review by next week *prays* . might start after lunch... which to think abt... i'm gettin hungry... prob will get something to eat in an hour or so. oh well... i wanna eat nice hawker food at home... the thought of it is yummmm..... mum has to remind me when they eat something nice on the weekends... *sobsob* i hope time passes really fast so tt i can go home. spend time with the people i miss so much. no matter how fast time passes... i prob can only go back in dec... *sobsob* it's too far away.

but on 2nd thoughts... it might come pretty fast. coz been busy with honours, studyin, teachin n now this poster presentation for the hospital. i'll cope, it'll will b fine :) i've coped with the hectic curriculum of 3rd year which was in my opinion UNBELIEVABLE. imagine havin all your practical session being put in 1 week, the last week of semester to boot. LAST WEEK!! i mean the last week of semester is the time when u really mug n mug n mug ur life away coz usually we have very little classes then. but nope in first sem we had pracs the whole week form 9 - 5. plus presentaions for the major project of tt unit durin lunch. i wonder how i got thru tt semester, i couldn't study when i got back everyday. i was totally shagged out n it was my WORST semester ever... not tt all had gone as well as expected *frowns* 2nd sem was a little better thank god :)

i put the same amt of effort into each semester or mayb even more. but it seems the grades dun reflect it. mayb coz i've been too drained with all these studyin. i have to admit being a biomedic, u literally have no life. all the easter breaks n mid semester breaks are all spent rushin assignments and catchin up on study. the only time i really put things away n take a good break is durin summer. but look like there is not summer for me this year....*sobsob* i prob will only get a life when i finish honours in february. i think i have deicded to finish my last module of honours as a summer course. even though i dun have a summer... it means i finish earlier in feb. instead of comin BACK to this place in feb n finishin in august. not very conducive for me with the current state i m in. my good frens would all have completed. noora wun b here n she's my life-cum-sanity saver, i dunno wat would i do if i din have such a fren like her. if lijun was here... ooooohhh... it would b even better. haiz... oh well.. at least she is enjoyin herself in melb :)

this is the FINAL semester. n i m goin to graduate in august. oh man... it seems just like yesterday tt i was comin to tasmania to go my foundation (i.e.bridgin) course here at the uni. got into biomed. met a couple of total BITCHES along the way n definitely some good frens (noora, lj, bernard, bk) too. n *POOF* here i m, in my final semester. when i first started, i nv thought i would do honours. but here i m.. doin honours (though not formally enrolled yet).

exam timetable is comin out on fri *shudders* 2 exams n i will be done with exams for the time being (wun b the case if i decide to masters or PhD). i can't wait! seen my bro n frens graduate 4 me... n now it's finally my turn. i think i have done my parents proud. i know i have done myself proud. :) the time n effort n support that my parents have given unconditionally has been amazin n to which i m really grateful for. i love them so much.

to think of it.. my project kinda freaked me out when i first saw it. coz it involved methods tt i used in 2nd yr for a group project. which scared the hell out of me literally coz i had to do it ALL ON MY OWN. coz the 2 idiots were busy workin to get money to staisfy their cravin for buyin way too much... n here i was freakin out.... n they din even care! even on the mornin of the due date. they were sleepin. i was tryin to get them up in the mornin to help me but to no avail. in the end... i had to do it on my own... but put their names there! how shit can tt get... n obviously din do well for it at all... i think we got 60% or less. simon din know about it... till friday. only frens knew abt it coz i din want those two to sound bad no matter how much i dislike them. but now tt i m doin it on my own with simon providin a lot of help along the way... i've gotten more relaxed with it n i'll continue to try get better at it. so honours will b fine i think. simon's been really supportive n helpful. thank god for tt :)

oh well... i m seriously hungry (i eat way too much when the weather gets cold, get hungry to easily... n this is bad).... i m goin to eat... eat... i dunno wat also. can't decide. heee...

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